(39) Scorpian Bowl @ Trad'r Sam

Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Jessie Joy and I trekked out to Trad'r Sam in the Richmond for a belated birthday celebration and we split the Scorpian Bowl = alcohol, ice, alcohol, juice, alcohol, syrups, alcohol, and alcohol. Yeah,  I'm pretty sure that's the formula. Oh yeah, and orange slices, cherries & umbrellas!!!!!!! Also crucial ingredients to the Scoripian Bowl, have a look at the video below. And wait, there's more (!) it only costs $14! STEAL! Trad'r Sam is a dream come true, it's a divey tiki bar serving up over-the-top Southern Pacific / Polynesian style drinks. It's so epic and tropical and fun and grrrrrreat. I wish I lived closer so I could frequent this place on the regular. Their drink menu is hilarious and super elusive, e.g. "Scorpian Bowl = warch out, this one stings" "Lover's Cup = served lovingly for two" "Tidal Wave = this one will wipe you out" "Rastaman = Say mon, dis one's a killah" Ahhahhahahaha, TOO FUNNY. You don't even know what you are ordering or what to expect - other than a guaranteed liquid hangover, but totaaaally worth it. I want to go again! Such a good find!

Scorpian Bowl @ Trad'r Sam. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson. 
Jessie Joy & the Scorpian Bowl @ Trad'r Sam. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Trad'r Sam. Photo credit: Kendra Aronson.
Scorpian Bowl @ Trad'r Sam ($14)
6150 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94121
Everyday > 12 noon - 2 a.m.


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